As a leader in LED sport lighting industry, MECREE is an international photoelectric technology enterprise. Focus on designing, R&D, manufacturing stable quality high power LED flood light. MECREE also serve consultation service and complete professional lighting simulations with clients around the world.


MECREE adheres to the principle “Customer Needs No.1”, providing customers with what customers want. Clients cover Asia, Europe, Middle East, Asia and other countries around the world. Has taken a leading position in the high-power stadium lighting industry, gaining customer support and trust.


With 10 years of high-power cooling system experience, MECREE has the same supply chain as Huawei. Committed to providing customers with innovative products, timely delivery, efficient and quality service.




1. 贵司的销售渠道是什么?
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3. 贵司之前做过AI智能语音翻译机吗?
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